God is starting something new in Bryan-College Station! Follow along weekly with our progress, as Pastor Jennifer shares messages of hope, healing, and love!

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Bad Religion: Matthew 23

Matthew 23:23-24 Discover how we are called to live out our faith by offering justice and mercy. If we are going to partner with Christ to bring hope to the world, the...

Bad Religion

Matthew 23:13-22 I know that the church has "gotten in wrong" when it comes to living out the love and faith of Christ, but when the church "gets it right," then it is...

See all the People

Even when Jesus had other plans and preoccupations, he still made time to see those around him, have compassion on them, and feed their physical and spiritual bellies....

See all the People

Matthew 9:18-26; Watch Jesus demonstrate to us that even in the demands of life, there is time to see all the people.

Our Vision: Love God, Love People, Share Christ's Hope

We have all been giving a position of influence and have been expected to lead well. We could also lose that position if we take it for granted. As a new church, we wa...

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