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Bad Religion: Matthew 23

Matthew 23:23-24 Discover how we are called to live out our faith by offering justice and mercy. If we are going to partner with Christ to bring hope to the world, the...

Bad Religion

Matthew 23:13-22 I know that the church has "gotten in wrong" when it comes to living out the love and faith of Christ, but when the church "gets it right," then it is...

See all the People

Even when Jesus had other plans and preoccupations, he still made time to see those around him, have compassion on them, and feed their physical and spiritual bellies....

See all the People

Matthew 9:18-26; Watch Jesus demonstrate to us that even in the demands of life, there is time to see all the people.

Our Vision: Love God, Love People, Share Christ's Hope

We have all been giving a position of influence and have been expected to lead well. We could also lose that position if we take it for granted. As a new church, we wa...

Let It Go!

Is it hard to let go of the people and possessions you have worked so hard for? What if your faith called you to let them go and put them in the hands of God? Learn to...

Daniel 3: Preparing for the Furnace

As followers of Jesus, we have to make the decision to stand on our faith in the midst of a culture in which many gods are vying for our attention. The pressure to con...

Preparing For the New School Year

It is hard to believe that the new school year is upon us. As we prepare for the new year and season with books, school supplies, and bulletin boards, we must also be ...

Heaven on Earth: Those Who Mourn

No one likes to grieve. Why would Jesus say this is a blessing? What if Jesus meant something deeper than the surface of the line? Find out here.

Heaven On Earth: Poor in Spirit

What does it mean to be a kingdom people? How can we be a part of heaven on earth? You might be surprised that God wants us to be poor in spirit in order to understand...

Heaven On Earth

Did you know that we do not need to wait until we die to experience eternal life? Find out how we can see glimpses of the kingdom on earth.

Praying Circles

We all have walls and obstacles that we wish would come down. They are different for each of us. Find out what happens when you circle them in prayer.

Body Language: Serve

Our words and our actions matter. There are people who are waiting and watching for God to be real and working in the world around us. No pressure, but we can all help...

Body Language: Serve

Our words and our actions matter. There are people who are waiting and watching for God to be real and working in the world around us. No pressure, but we can all help...

Pod Have Mercy: God is Doing a New Thing

Pastor Jen was on "Pod Have Mercy", hosted by John Stevens of Chapelwood UMC, to talk all about Bryan Community Church and her experience so far in church planting!

Body Language: Acceptance

How do we communicate with each other, interrelate with each other, even when we're different? Pastor Dave gets into accepting people of all stripes and allowing God t...

Body Language: Forgiveness

One of the hardest lessons for the Christian church--forgiveness. Do it for God, do it for you, and do it for new life and freedom.

Body Language Week 1: Words Matter

Our words and actions matter to others. We have the ability to speak words of life or words of death. As a follow of Jesus, be encouraged to speak words of life to tho...

Happy Mother's Day

Character is incredibly important. It distinguishes who is dependable and trustworthy from those who are not. As we celebrate Mother's Day, let us learn as women, men,...

The Good Shepherd

We have a good shepherd who loves and cares for us. Who lays down his life so that we can feel protected, secure, and safe.

Road to Emmaus

Don't miss out on Jesus who walks with you!

It is still Easter!

Easter doesn't end on the Sunday that our calendars say Easter. Easter continues each and every day when we claim that we believe in in the resurrected Lord! Discover ...

Palm Sunday: Expectations

Do you ever place expectations on God only to find that they are unmet? Did you ever consider that God might have better plans and expectations than yours?

Peter's Denial

As followers of Jesus, we will have a choice to make. Will we acknowledge that we know Jesus or will we deny him? What will you choose?

The Sinful Woman

It is amazing how God uses the most unexpected people to teach us a lesson. In this message, hear how God used an uninvited guest to give us an example of true worship.

The Woman at the Well

Learning from Jesus as he sees the value in people unlike himself, crosses cultural barriers, and brings the hope of living water with all.

Jesus Made Me Do It!

Have you ever been forced to do something that you didn't want to do but in the end it turned out to be the best decision? Often times this happens in our faith. Learn...


A revival is taking place in Wilmore, Kentucky! Should we go? What if I told you a revival could start right where we are?

The Good Samaritan

How an ancient and worldwide text can challenge us today.

Genesis 22: Following God Faithfully

How do we follow God faithfully, even when it's hard? Pastor Jen delves into Genesis 22 and tests of faith.This is a difficult passage! God asks Abraham to make an inc...

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